It’s a place to discover, a place to seek and explore, a place to dream and reflect. A place to believe, a place to read and research, a place to think, imagine and invent. A place to aspire and inspire, a place to contemplate, a place to learn and enjoy, a place to begin and succeed.


The knowledge Centre, also known the KC, has become the soul of British International School. It is where learning and technology come together. The KC has multiple spaces and services to accommodate the entire British International School community. Our main goal is to provide up-to-date tools that complement the excellent reputation of the school.


To provide dynamic and competitive spaces of inquiry, that are supported by the newest educational technology, while also sharing the school’s mission to offer a high-quality education.


To be the central place of the British International School’s educational core, where all educational processes will take place, and be supported by the use of technology.

The Knowledge Centre at British International School offers:


The second floor in the KC has a collection of books for all ages. These books support the IB program. We provide our students with and comfortable spaces that inspire the enjoyment of reading and research.

Elementary reading room.

A space where our early year and primary students can be passionate about reading. They can also use this space to enjoy a guided reading lesson with a group or an individual.

Secondary reading room

A more professional and dynamic space that encourages independent study, inquiry, and reflection about today’s issues.

Reading Corner

An environment where one can enjoy reading and learn comfortably. It has comfortable furniture, a Smart board, and a sound system to have interactive lessons with the classes.

Additional Services and Spaces

Ipads & Chromebooks

In the KC, we have electronic devices such as ipads and chromebooks where all students can access digital platforms to read e-books or do research on our online encyclopedia.

Research Area

A space for high school students, that has computers available to produce and print research documents. It is a place that allows students to research at their own pace.

Multimedia rooms

On the third floor of the KC, you can find 2 rooms with a college atmosphere. These rooms come equipped with Smart boards, sound system and other technological tools for classes. They can also be used for teleconferences, meetings, training, and serve as a testing center.


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