UK Funday 2017

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Our 5th UK Funday was held on September 2 with the participation of the whole community, students' and families alongside all the school staff.

We started the event with a meeting of all the members of the houses that make up the House System, rewarding 40 points to the family Anaya Arévalo,of Shakespeare house who were the first get to the school that day, Shakespeare's second family Kotzee Es-Maré gained 30 points, the  Cediel Carvajal  family of  Churchill house gained  20 points and the Flórez Ropero family of Churchill house gained 10 points. The houses with the largest number of members were also rewarded and the winner was Darwin!


Once the meeting of the houses in the Marathon Gym was finished, the Inauguration of the House System 2017-2018 began, where the winning house of the previous year was rewarded, for the second year running the winner was Darwin house.


At the end of the opening ceremony, the recreational-sports activities started with a warm-up by the Gymbox instructors, and then the different competitions, which happened in the softball field. Everyone was able to enjoy all the recreational competitions prepared by the Sports department lead  by sports director Jack Polo.


The event was full-on with parents and school staff together with their children and relatives, supported and guided by the teachers of each house, enjoying games such as: relays, races ending with a puzzle of  the symbols of each house.


After this activity, the courts and spaces were opened for general usage and other activities, such as zumba, family yoga, volleyball, basketball, football, table games and table tennis.


To finish the day we all returned to Milton Plaza to  hear  the result of the winning house of this UK Funday 2017-2018,  as follows: 


CHURCHILL:  760 points


SHAKESPEARE: 710 points


WELLINGTON: 610 points


DARWIN: 460 points


On behalf of the British International School, the staff of the House System and the Sports Department, we thank you to each and every one of you who were present for your participation for developing a day of integration and happiness with families!.