School for Parents: "Autonomy: For Emotional Education and Life Skills"

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On Friday, November 24th, 2017, the BIS in its School for Parents, had as guest Dr. Diana Álvarez, a psychologist from the Universidad de los Andes.

Specialist in Neuropsychology and Dementia at the University of Barcelona in Spain, Dr. Alvarez has more than twelve years of experience in evaluation processes and cognitive stimulation of different psychiatric, neurological and human development pathologies, in children, adults and the elderly. She has experience in the intervention of transitory educational needs such as attention deficit, hyperactivity, behavior disorders, learning problems and permanent educational needs such as disabilities, neurodevelopmental disorders, autism, cognitive deficit and exceptional talents. Researcher and therapist of the Institute of Applied Neuroscience INEA, in the city of Bogotá.


The conference "Autonomy: For Emotional Education and Skills for Life" had as main objective to inform parents the importance of promoting autonomy within parenting practices, so that their children can strengthen their ability to self-monitor, decision-making and independence, from the basic skills of everyday life, to the recognition of emotions; its function in the process of socialization.

We appreciate the participation of all parents and we hope to have you again in the next School for Parents.

“Together we make a difference.”