Nuestros Egresados Triunfan, Orgullo BIS, LUIS FELIPE URUETA.

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Luis Felipe "Pipe" Urueta, an alumnus from the BRITISH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, continues to succeed in international baseball becoming an important figure in Colombian sports, with recognition in the big leagues, standing out as the first Colombian to lead a baseball team in Dominican Republic.

Thanks to his great performance, soon after finishing this championship will return to Arizona, to be with the big team: DIAMONS BACK as Quality Coach. As manager of the Tigers of Licey team of the Dominican Republic, BIS pride, has been highlighted in the national media recently, we send our sincere congratulations, we share our achievements with our community and we want to remind you once more that this institution where he was formed, is his house, which is an example to follow for our students devoted to sports and that his triumphs fill us with pride, for him and his father Alejandro Urueta, BIS teacher, again we reiterate our congratulations and we remind you that this is and  will always be your family.