Primary’s curriculum is based on guidelines from the Nacional Curriculum from the UK, the International Primary Program from Cambridge, and the Curriculum of the National Education Ministry. These three curricular programs work together to create a complete curricular structure in this stage, accompanying their integral formation.

The students from Year 3 through Year 6 follow the Key Stage 2 curriculum, and the National Curriculum for Colombia, recognizing that they are ready for a more formal and structured study program.

Starting in Year 7, the students, aside from following the guidelines from the National Education Ministry, follow the Program for Intermediate Years from the IB (PAI) which is a rigorous academic frame that encourages the students from 11 to 16 years old (year 7 to year 11) to establish practical connections between their studies and the real world. It is designed to be an inclusive program: students with very diverse interests and academic aptitudes can benefit from participating in it.

The curricular frame of the PAI constitutes of eight groups of subjects that offer a wide and balanced education to students during their first years of adolescence. The PAI requires to dedicate at least 50 teaching hours to each group of subjects in every primary year.

Primary is a stage in which students establish their identities and develop their self-esteem, and these programs can motivate them to reach success in school and in their life outside of the classroom.

From Year 3 through Year 7, the program allows them to develop and strengthen their abilities through the approach of the following areas and their corresponding subjects:









Natural Science and Environment education


Social Sciences

History and Geography
Social Studies and Citizenship Skills
Peace and Democracy



Physical Education, Recess and Sport

Physical Education

Technology and Computing

Digital and Product Design

Artistic Education


Religious Education


Social Behavior, Ethics and Values

Social Behaviour

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